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What is NHS Pharmacy First?

Pharmacy First is a brand new NHS service that allows community pharmacists to diagnose common ailments and prescribe medications that you would previously only have been able to access through your GP.

The service was introduced by the UK Government in January 2024 to combat the growing pressure on GP surgeries and to give the public a faster and easier way to manage common conditions that require prescription medication.

What’s even better is that the service is free - The NHS funds pharmacists to carry out the consultations.

What conditions are covered by Pharmacy First?

NHS Pharmacy First covers several common ailments that you can now get treatment for directly from the pharmacist, without the need for a visit to your GP.

If you have symptoms of the conditions below, you can use Pharmacy First for a free consultation.

Pharmacy First is currently only available to patients based in England.

Click on your condition below to start your consultation.

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Impetigo is a skin problem that starts with reddish sores that can be itchy and irritating. After a day or two, they can rupture and leak a clear fluid that forms a golden crust. This is an infection and can spread easily through touch, clothing and towels. Care is needed to avoid spreading it.

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Infected Insect Bites

Have you had a recent insect bite that now looks red, swollen and painful, worse than it did? Your bite may be infected.

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Shingles is a painful red rash that occurs in clusters on the skin. The red spots can blister and burst creating crusts and it looks like chicken pox. Shingles can be very painful and require painkillers to manage the discomfort.

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Sinusitis (sinus infection)

Do you have a blocked nose, a reduced sense of smell with pain in your face, across your cheeks or in your head? These are classic signs of sinusitis and are sometimes associated with toothaches and a temperature.

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Sore throat

Does it hurt to swallow? Is your throat dry and scratchy with redness and swelling at the back? These classic symptoms of a sore throat could be early signs of tonsillitis.

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Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection (UTIs)

Are you experiencing smelly urine that burns when you go? Are you going much more frequently or struggling to go at all. These are signs of a urinary tract infection.

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Private Consultation

If you have a health concern that isn’t covered under the Pharmacy First scheme you can now get a private online video consultation with prescription medication, delivered for free.

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Expert Consultations, Anytime, Anywhere

Get access to licensed pharmacists for free video consultations, ensuring prompt attention, diagnosis and personalised care from the comfort of your own home.

Comprehensive Coverage

My Local Surgery covers a range of conditions approved under the Pharmacy First initiative, providing comprehensive support for these commonly diagnosed healthcare issues.

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Following your video consultation, easily order your prescription medication through the platform. With next-day delivery options available, say goodbye to long pharmacy queues and delays.

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Skip the inconvenience of GP surgery visits and endless waits for NHS specialist referrals and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with expert advice and prescription services, all conveniently accessible through our secure, user-friendly platform.

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My Local Surgery’s prices are considerably lower than private GP services owing to our use of specialist NHS nurse prescribers, making quality healthcare more accessible to all.

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